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Stress Management for Health Course

Session 5: Stress Resistant Thinking


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SESSION (5): Part (1)

Cautions/Contraindications - Stress Resistant Thinking

Stress Resistant Thinking - Introduction

Stress and the Role of Perception

Stress Hardiness

Explanatory Style - Optimism/Pessimism

Stress and Internal Self Talk

Thought Stopping and Stress

Stress Inducing Thinking Errors (Cognitive Distortions)

Stressful Core Beliefs

The ABC Model of Stress

ABC Stressful Thinking/Feelings Identification Log

Example of ABC, Stressful Thinking/Feelings Identification Log


SESSION (5): Part (2) (How to Change Stressful Thinking)

How to Reduce Thinking Induced Stress

Stressful Thinking Errors Sheet

Stressful Core Beliefs Sheet

Questions to Ask to Restructure Stressful Thinking

Stressful Thinking Identification Log

Continuation Sheet Stressful Thinking Identification Log

Example Stressful Thinking Identification Log

Conclusion - Stress Resistant Thinking

Stress Resistant Thinking Action Plan


SESSION (5): Part (3)

Stressful Thinking Self Test

Rational Beliefs Inventory

Stress Self Test - Stress Resistant Thinking

Daily Breathing Log - Stress Resistant Thinking

Daily Relaxation Log - Stress Resistant Thinking

Resources - Stress Resistant Thinking

Stress Resistant Thinking References and Bibliography

Free on-line Relaxation Audio 

Links - Stress Resistant Thinking