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Stress Management for Health Course

Stressful Thinking Identification Log

ABCDE, Cognitive Restructuring, Stressful Thinking/Feelings Identification Log




Activating Event

Write down details of the event


Beliefs/self talk, Write down Automatic Negative Thoughts, attitudes, images, assumptions, opinions about event at (A)



Write down your resulting unpleasant emotions eg stress, anxious, tense, angry, frustration



 Write a positive alternative, disputing automatic negative thoughts at (B)


Effective new stress reducing approach, describe changes in the way we deal with the stressor
























Instructions:  In column A write down your problem/activating event,  in column B write your stress inducing automatic negative thoughts/beliefs (referring to the stressful thinking errors/core beliefs sheets), in column C write down your stress related emotions and behaviours, in column D write down alternatives to B, (using the “Questions to ask yourself” form) Finally in column E write down your new way of thinking/beliefs and a new approach to dealing with the activating event A.

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