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Stress Management for Health Course

Session 4: Stress Resistant Eating


Click on the links below to be taken to the subjects covered in Session 4.  At the end of each page there is a link to take you to the next subject so you will not need to return to this page each time.  If you get lost either return to the home page or use the links at the top of each page to return to the session you were on.


SESSION (4): Part (1)

Cautions/Contraindications - Nutrition

Nutrition - Introduction

Stress and Hypoglycaemia

Stress and B-Group Vitamins


SESSION (4): Part (2)



Fats - What do they do and which foods are they in


Fruits and Vegetables



Fluid Intake



SESSION (4): Part (3)

Nutrition - Action Plan

Stress Resistant Eating Log

Nutrition Checklist

Alcohol Diary

Alcohol Self-Test

Stress Self Test - Nutrition

Daily Breathing Log - Nutrition

Daily Relaxation Log - Nutrition

Resources - Nutrition

Nutrition References and Bibliography

Free On-line Relaxation Audio

Links - Nutrition



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