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Stress Management for Health Course

Example Stressful Thinking Identification Log


Example ABCDE, Cognitive Restructuring, Stressful Thinking/Feelings Identification Log


Activating event




Beliefs/self talk, Automatic Negative Thoughts



Consequences/ emotions


Dispute, Automatic Negative thoughts


Effective new approach

        Making mistake at work

        “I’ll get the sack”

        “I’m stupid”



        We all make mistakes nobody is perfect.  My boss won’t judge my competence on one single event

                When I make a mistake in the future I know I won’t get the sack

        Giving a presen-tation


                “They won’t like it

                I’ll make a fool of myself


        Frightened/ scarred

        Most people do presentations and know how challenging it can be.  I have done previous presentations OK

               I’ll learn relaxation techniques to reduce my stress before and during the presentation

        Car breaks down



        “Why does this always happen to me”

        “It will cost me a fortune to repair”


        These hassles happen to everyone not just me, it’s part of owning a car. It’s a pain but it’s not the end of the world

        I’ll service my car more regularly

        I can learn care maintenance at night school

        Your son/ daughter fails an exam


        “I’m a failure as a parent”

        “They won’t get a good job”


        Not passing an exam doesn’t mean we are failures as parents.  They can always retake the exam

        I can help them to revise

        I can get them extra tuition

        Partner has not returned home at usual time

        “They have been in an accident and are in hospital”



        They may have had to stay late at work.  They have been late before and have not been involved in an accident

        I can ask my partner to phone if they are late


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