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Stress Management for Health Course

Questions to Ask to Restructure Stressful Thinking


Questions to Ask Yourself to Help Identify and Restructure Stressful Thinking 


Q1.      What are my thoughts about the event?




Q2.      What Stressful Thinking Errors could I be making?

        (See Stressful Thinking Errors Sheet)




Q3.      What Core Beliefs do I have that may be influencing my perception of the event?

        (see Core Beliefs Sheet)




Q4.      Are my thoughts on the event accurate?




Q5.      What objective evidence/objective facts are there to support my view?




Q6.      What alternative views are there of the event?




Q7.      Am I underestimating my ability to cope with the event?




Q8.      What is the worst that can happen if my view of the event is correct?




Q9.      What actions can I take to influence the event?




Q10. What is the worst thing that could happen to me or my family and how does this event compare to that?




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