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Stress Management for Health Course

Rational Beliefs Inventory

 Directions: For each of the following 20 statements select either 1 (most like me), 2 (somewhat like me), 0 (not sure), or 3 (not like me) to describe your feelings.




1.  I need approval from family, friends, and acquaintances.




2.  Things that happen to me in the past control who I am.




3.  I must be good at everything I try.




4.  I have little control over my emotions.




5.  Other people and things tend to make me feel bad.




6.  I deal with tough problems by avoiding them.




7.  Things should really turn out better than they do.




8.  My motto is, "Never volunteer."




9.  I can't seem to get fearful things off my mind.




10.Unfair people are rotten and should be blamed for their misdeeds.




11.It is terrible when things dont go my way.




12.I really need love and approval from everyone.




13.Worrying about fearful things helps me cope with them.




14.Because the past strongly influences who we are, it determines our present emotions and behaviour.




15.It's really easier to avoid problems and responsibilities than to face them.




16.I am happiest when I don't commit myself to things.




17.There are some people who are just plain rotten and deserve all the misery they get.




18.People really should do their best at everything.




19.There really is a perfect solution to every problem thats why its so terrible when it isn't found.




20.It's horrible when things in my life are not the way I want them to be.



Scoring: Add all of the numbers you placed in the left-hand column.

The lower the score, the more stress inducing your thinking is.


0 - 20:  

If you scored in this range, you tend to believe in many of the 10 illogical beliefs of Rational Emotive Therapy.


20 - 40:

You have a moderately illogical belief system.


40 - 60:

You tend to be logical and rational.


Remember this is an estimate of how your beliefs about life match up to the 10 illogical beliefs of Rational Emotive Therapy.

All of us share some of these beliefs at times. 

(Blonna R. Coping with Stress in a Changing World)

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