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Stress Management for Health Course

Example of ABC, Stressful Thinking/Feelings Identification Log

Example ABC, Stressful Thinking/Feelings Identification Log




Activating event, write down details of the event






Beliefs/self talk, thoughts, attitudes, images, assumptions, opinions about event at (A), write down automatic negative thoughts




Consequences/Emotions, write down your resulting unpleasant emotions eg stress, anxious, tense, angry, frustration


        Making a mistake at work



        “I’ll get the sack”

        “I’m stupid”





        Giving a presentation




        “They won’t like it

        I’ll make a fool of myself





        Car breaks down




        “Why does this always happen to me”

        “It will cost me a fortune to repair”




        Your son/daughter fails an exam



        “I’m a failure as a parent”

        “They won’t get a good job”




        Partner has not returned home at usual time


        “They have been in an accident and are in hospital”








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