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Stress Management for Health Course

Stressful Core Beliefs Sheet


                        Stressful Core Beliefs


        Demand for Approval


We believe that others must always treat us well.  We must have love or approval most of the time to be worthy.


        High Self Expectations


We believe that we must achieve success in everything we do to be worthwhile; if we make mistakes we are a failure as a person.




We believe we need to depend on someone or something stronger than ourselves because we cannot cope with life by ourselves. 




We believe our present problems, feelings and behaviours are caused by our past, this is how we are and we are helpless to change it.


        Emotional Control


We believe our feelings are caused by external pressures such as other people so we cannot control or change our emotions.


        Blame Proneness


We believe ourselves and others, must not do anything wrong, that certain behaviours are awful or wicked and deserve punishment. 


        Personal Idealism


We believe that the world and other people must be fair and just at all times.



        Frustration Reactivity


We find it difficult and frustrating when things or people are not the way we would like them to be. 


        Problem Avoidance


We believe that it is easier to avoid rather than face life’s difficulties and responsibilities.


        Discomfort Anxiety


We want to be comfortable, without pain, and free from anxiety at all times; we believe we would find it difficult to cope otherwise.




We want to be in control of all situations and believe things must go well; people and things should turn out better than they do.


        Anxious Over Concern


We feel anxious when faced with uncertain or risky situations.  We constantly worry and are on our guard in case they might happen.


        Over Caring


We feel we should become upset over our own and other people’s problems, those who don’t are uncaring, and uncompassionate people.


        Fear of Losing Control


When stressed or anxious we worry we are not in control, “going mad”, having a “nervous breakdown” and/or be admitted to hospital.


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