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Stress Management for Health Course



"Rebound exercise is the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man." (National Aeronautical Space Agency)


There are many obstacles to starting and continuing an exercise programme, but one of the more common is difficulties with cost and time.  However there is a form of aerobic exercise, called Rebounding, that was used by the US Space Agency NASA to keep its astronauts fit. 

If you go to a Gym, it is going to cost you money for membership and time to get all your clothes together, drive to the Gym, get changed into your sports clothing, do the exercise, get dressed again, then drive home again.  Some people have children to care for and this is where rebounding can be of use because it can be done in the home while watching the children, there is no monthly subscription fees to gyms, no specialised clothing to buy and no time spent going to and from the gym.

Rebounding uses mini trampolines, also called rebounders, which are approximately 40 inches in diameter.  Margaret Hawkins, author of the book Rebounding, runs the Rebounding Centre in Netherhaven in Wiltshire.  She has found that rebounding helps a variety of health problems such as:



        Back Pain



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