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Stress Management for Health Course

Fitness Walking


"Walking is the best medicine"  (Hippocrates)


Fitness walking, at moderate intensity is one of the most sensible and cheapest exercises we can do to help us, not only manage our stress but also it has a powerful effect on reducing our risk of a variety of psychological and physical health problems.  It is not necessary to take vast amounts of painful exercise to gain the benefits, indeed if exercise is painful then you are overdoing it.  Twenty minutes a day of moderate intensity, brisk walking is all you need. 

Brisk walking supplies all the benefits of exercise without the risk of injury that high impact exercise like jogging can cause such as joint problems, back pain etc.  However the walking has to be at aerobic intensity, a simple amble will not supply all the benefits. 

You do not need any specialised expensive equipment or expensive gym membership; all you need is loose clothing and sensible, low-heeled walking shoes.


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