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Stress Management for Health Course

Preparation for Relaxation


Before you begin your relaxation it will be helpful for you to read these few basic relaxation guidelines:


       Try to practise your relaxation at the same time each day, at least once a day.


       Lie on the floor (pillow under head), settee, bed or sit in a comfortable chair.  Its important to get in a comfortable position as you wont be able to relax if you are uncomfortable.


        Do not cross your arms/hands or legs/feet.


        Make sure the room is not too hot or cold.


        Go to the toilet before you begin your relaxation session.


       Find a quite place where you wont be disturbed for 5 - 10 minutes.


        Loosen any tight clothing, shoes, glasses/contact lenses.


        Turn down the lights and draw the curtains.


       Don't practise relaxation on a full stomach or within two hours of a meal as it can cause cramp.


        Keep pets in another room.


        It's vital to remain passive and not worry how you are doing.


       Distracting thoughts will occur, don't fight them, simply observe them and refocus on your relaxation.


       Be aware of your breathing.  Most of us breathe shallowly, with our chests; to relax we need to slow our breathing to 8 10 breaths using the diaphragm.  Put one hand on your stomach palm face down, place your other hand on your chest, palm face down, if you are breathing with your diaphragm, your hand on your stomach should rise higher than the hand on your chest.


       It is vital not to practise relaxation only when stressed.  In order to get the full benefit we need to practise relaxation daily even when we are not stressed.


       Do not expect instant, overnight results; the benefits of relaxation are cumulative, the longer you practise them the more benefit you will accrue.


       Put on an extra jumper as after relaxation you may feel a little cold.


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