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Stress Management for Health Course

Comparison Between the Fight/Flight Response and Relaxation Response


Fight-Flight Response

Sympathetic Nervous System


Prepares body for fight-flight


Blood pressure increases


Muscle tension increases


Pupils widen


Air passages widen


Blood flow to muscles increases


Bladder sphincter constricts


Perspiration increases


Pulse rate increases


Salivary glands decrease saliva


Blood clotting increases


Gastrointestinal activity decreases


Brain highly alert


Metabolic rate increases


Breathing rate increases


Blood glucose and fats increase


Lactic acid levels increase


Anxiety levels increase


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Relaxation Response

Parasympathetic Nervous System


Prepares body for rest


Blood pressure decreases


Muscle tension decreases


Pupils get smaller


Air passages narrow


Blood flow to muscles decreases


Bladder sphincter relaxes


Perspiration decreases


Pulse rate decreases


Increased saliva flow


Blood clotting normalises


Gastrointestinal activity increases


Brain relaxed


Metabolic rate decreases


Breathing rate decreases


 Blood glucose & fats normalise


 Lactic acid levels decrease


Anxiety levels decrease