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Stress Management for Health Course

Stress and Personality

We all have certain features to our personality that make us unique as people; however there are many aspects of our personality that are similar to other people.  These similar personality factors are called Personality Traits.  Research has indicated that certain personality traits can make us more vulnerable to stress.  People with such traits are known as Type A personalities.  Type A's tend to be more competitive, more impatient, have time urgency when compared to the more relaxed and laid back Type B personalities.  It's important to realise that we are all a mixture of type A and B personality traits but if we are excessively type A this can make us more vulnerable to stress.  We have included a Stress and Personality Self Test at the end of session one in the course materials for you to fill in.  We can reduce our Type A personality traits through the techniques taught on this course.  Here are some Type A and some Type B Personality Traits:


Type A Personality Traits


Type B Personality Traits


        Must get things finished

       Do not mind leaving things unfinished for a while


       Never late for appointments


       Calm and unhurried about appointments

        Excessively competitive

        Not excessively competitive


        Can't listen to conversations, interrupt, finish others sentences


        Can listen and let the other person finish speaking

        Always in a hurry

       Never in a hurry even when busy


        Do not like to wait


        Can wait calmly

        Very busy at full speed


        Easy going

       Trying to do more than one thing at a time


       Can take one thing at a time

       Want everything to be perfect


       Do not mind things not quite perfect

        Pressurised speech

       Slow and deliberate speech


        Do everything fast


        Do things slowly

        Hold feelings in


        Can express feelings

       Not satisfied with work/life


       Quite satisfied with work/life

       Few social activities/interests


       Many social activities/interests

        If in employment, will often take work home

       If in employment, will limit working to work hours


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