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Stress Management for Health Course

How to Gain Maximum Benefit From This Course

"Knowledge alone is not enough, it is the application of that knowledge that produces the result."

(John Townsend)

The strategies in this course have been shown by research to help with stress.  In order to obtain the maximum possible benefits it is important to follow these guidelines:

       Do not make too many changes at once.  Study one session at a time; implement the strategies, and when you have done this move onto the next session.

       Effective Stress Management is a daily process, not an outcome.  (Brian Luke Seaward)

       Read and re-read the Stress Management for Health course notes and practise the skills on a regular basis, keep practising them even when stress is no longer a problem, they will help you reduce the chance of stress occurring again.

       Do not expect instant, results, research has shown these strategies work.

       Stress management, although valuable, is not a panacea for all ills.

       It is important to complete all the sessions of this course in order to gain the maximum, potential benefits.

       Most stress (pressure) is normal and healthy, and can be coped with; prolonged or more serious stress may need help from your GP.

       Under no circumstances should you stop taking any medication your doctor has prescribed.

       It is important to read the recommended books listed at the end of each session to improve your knowledge of stress and Stress Management Techniques.


        Read the whole of each session before implementing the strategies outlined in a particular session.

       Do not make any sudden changes in your life, such as changing your job or ending a relationship, until your stress has been resolved.

       Do not self-diagnose yourself as suffering stress; it is important to see your doctor in order to receive an accurate diagnosis because there are medical conditions such as anaemia and thyroid gland problems whose symptoms can be very similar to those of stress.

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