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Stress Management for Health Course

When it's More Than Stress


Stress itself is not a disease however chronic levels of stress can be a factor in triggering clinical anxiety and depression.  It's important to be able to differentiate between stress, anxiety and depression.  Look at the symptoms of anxiety and depression below and if you think these symptoms could apply to you then see your doctor.


Anxiety Symptoms



Depression Symptoms

        I often feel shaky or tremble


        More often than not, I am depressed for most of the day


        I experience muscular tension or aches


        I have lost my enthusiasm for most activities


        I feel edgy and keyed up


        I am having problems sleeping - insomnia or hypersomnia


        I am easily tired


      I feel tired or fatigued most of the time


        I feel restless most of the time


        I have a low opinion of myself. I usually feel worthless or guilty


        I am startled easily


        I am unable to concentrate.  I am indecisive


        I feel irritable


        I feel either edgy or slowed down


        I have problems falling or staying asleep


        I have suicidal thoughts. I don't want to be here anymore


         I have difficulty concentrating, I keep forgetting things


        I have had significant weight gain or loss not due to dieting


        I keep worrying all the time.  I dwell on problems




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