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Stress Management for Health Course

Visualisation Script


Visualisation Script (The Enchanted Cove)


(Give a copy of written script as well as tape/cd)




1.        Sit in a comfortable chair or lie on a settee or bed.

2.        Remove shoes/glasses.

3.        Loosen tight clothing.

4.        Dont use this visualisation if you have schizophrenia or anything similar.

5.        Do not get up straight away after relaxing.

6.        Dont drive or operate machinery after relaxation.


Tropical Island Beach


In this exercise, we will go to a peaceful tropical island beach, where we will find a cove.


We will walk down a flight of stairs to the beach, and as we descend the stairs, youll become progressively more relaxed.  At the end of the exercise, well come back up the stairs and become progressively more alert.  Ill then count from 1 to 4 as I usually do, to bring you back to the room.


So just get comfortable, and bring, your attention to your breathing.  Gently place your hands on your abdomen, and follow its rise and fall as you inhale and exhale.


Notice how your abdomen rises with each inhalation and falls with each exhalation.


Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, feel the air pushing into your abdomen . . . and exhale through your mouth, making a quiet, relaxing, whooshing sound as you blow gently out.  Take long, slow, deep breaths . . .listen to your slow, gentle breathing

. . . and allow your body to find the rhythm of breathing that is comfortable for you . . . and just relax and follow my voice.



And continue to enjoy your breathing as you now picture yourself at the top of an open-air staircase that leads to a beautiful beach.  You look out toward the sea, and before you are clear, blue, glistening waters.  The sea breeze blows on your face, and you breathe in the wonderfully clean air.  Smell the salt sea air tingle as you inhale.  You can taste the salty air on your lips.  Just let the breeze caress you . . . caress the surface of your skin.


The beach looks so inviting, so you begin to descend toward it     . . .  and as you go down the stairs, each step takes you into a deeper state of relaxation . . . deeper and deeper safe and comfortable.


And now youre on the beach.  Feel the warm sand beneath your bare feet.  You sink into it and allow your toes to curl into the golden white, soft grains.  You take long strides, eager to get to the shore . . . . You are so relaxed . . . . You feel so safe.  You see strips of kelp floating on the water.  You see the beautiful sea shells buried in the sand.


And now you arrive where the water and the dry beach meet.  You walk along the edge of the shore.  The surf is pounding.  The waves lap at your feet, and the bubbly foam plays with your toes before rushing back to sea . . . You are so relaxed.


A seagull flies above you and calls out, as if beckoning to you.  You follow it, and suddenly you find a cluster of moss-laden rocks.  You climb easily over them, and you find yourself in a small, quiet cove.


You look around at the wonder of it.  The cove is shaped like a horseshoe.  You can still see the ocean dappled with sunshine and small, white crests.  You see a ship passing in the distance, and you deeply breathe in the moist, salty air.  You can smell the ocean fragrances.  You are in your own private beach, safe from all the world.  This is your own special place and you can come here any time you want because you own it.


And now you turn and find a nice spot.    You see two sturdy palm trees and attached to those palm trees is a hammock.  You get into the hammock, lie fully down and it totally supports the whole of your body, making all the muscles in your body relaxed and loose.  You close your eyes (In script go through all muscle groups of body passively relaxing them). 


As you lie there totally supported, safe and warm you feel the warm sunshine on your skin, you look up and see the clear, blue sky with occasional wisps of cloud, you smell the salty sea spray and hear the gentle call of seagulls.  As you lie there in the hammock you feel a gentle breeze start to waft over you.  You feel its gentle blowing on your skin as it starts to gently rock the hammock.  Your whole body, all your limbs and muscles feel loose, heavy and warm.


You feel so good . . . so peaceful . . . so light.  You lie back and just allow yourself to drift deeper and deeper into quietness and peace . . . becoming more and more relaxed.


You can feel the warmth along your spine, gradually spreading comfortably over you.  And you feel yourself becoming very deeply relaxed . . . very much at peace.  Just enjoy this feeling of peace and relaxation for a few minutes (pause for 2 minutes).


Now its time to begin heading back.  You get up and start walking back along the beach.  Again you hear the surf pounding as you walk back to the stairs.  You begin to ascend the stairs, and with each step up, you feel yourself more refreshed and energized.


In a few moments, I am going to count backward from 4 to 1.  As I do, you will begin to become alert and will come to the end of this exercise, feeling completely refreshed and relaxed.  You will come back feeling refreshed, alert, and relaxed. And 4 . . . begin to gently move your legs and feet . . . 3 . . . begin to gently move your arms and hands . . . 2 . . . begin to gently move your head and neck, and   1 . . . stretch gently, if you like, and open your eyes, feeling refreshed and alert; eager to resume your day.


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