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Stress Management for Health Course

Challenges To Upsetting Thoughts

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Challenges to Upsetting Thoughts


What is the Evidence to Support My View?


What evidence do I have to support my thoughts?

What evidence do I have against them?


What Alternative Views are there?


How would someone else view this situation?

How would I have viewed this situation in the past?


What is the Effect of Thinking the way I do?


Does it help me, or hinder me from getting what I want? How?


What Thinking Error am I Making?


a.       Am I thinking in all-or-nothing terms

ignoring the middle ground?


b.       Am I catastrophising

overestimating the chances of disaster?


c.        Am I personalizing?

blaming myself for something which is not my fault?


d.       Am I focusing on the negative?

looking on the dark side; ignoring my strengths?


e.       Am I jumping to conclusions

predicting the future and mind-reading?


f.         Am I living by fixed rules?

fretting about how things ought to be;

overusing the words should, must, and cant?


What Action Can I Take?/ What Can I Do to Influence my Situation?


What can I do to change my situation?

Am I overlooking solutions to problems on

the assumption they wont work?  (Ref: Powell T. 1992)

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