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How To Gain Maximum Benefit From This Course | Session 1: - Stress | Session 2: - Relaxation | Session 3: - Stress and Exercise | Session 4: - Stress and Nutrition | Session 5: - Stress Resistant Thinking
Stress Management for Health Course
Summary, Action Plan, Resources

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Session (2) - Summary




Action Plan



Resources Session 2: Relaxation


Relaxation Books

    Davis E. (2000) The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook, New Harbinger inc.

     Hewitt    Teach Yourself Relaxation

     Benson H. (2000) The Relaxation Response. Bantam

     Madders J. (     ) Stress and Relaxation

    Madders J. (1987) Relax and Be Happy: Techniques for 5 18 year olds. Unwin Books

    Rossman M.L. (2000) Guided Imagery for Self Healing, H.H. Kramer, California.

    Bradley D. Hyperventilation Syndrome



     Pitman A. Hyperventilation Syndrome: A Breathing Retraining Programme

     The Relaxation Kit (



    Pitman A. Physiotherapy for Hyperventilation: a Breathing Retraining Programme



     Anne Pitman

PO Box 14773

London E5 8UW


Web Sites




     Clinical hypnosis

     Guided imagery

     Mind Body Medicine Institute H. Benson

     clara relaxation

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