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Stress Management for Health Course

Questions About Stressful Thoughts


Questions to Ask Yourself about Stressful Thoughts





Q1.     Are my thoughts on the event accurate?


Q2.      Am I jumping to conclusions?


Q3.      What is the evidence to support my view/conclusion?


Q4.     Am I exaggerating or over-emphasising a negative aspect of the situation?


Q5.      Am I making it seem worse than it really is?


Q6.      How do I know it will happen?  Am I a mind reader?


Q7.      So what if it happens? (Will the world end?)


Q8.      Is it really as bad as it seems?


Q9.      Is it to my advantage to maintain this appraisal? (Do I benefit from continuing to think the way Im thinking?)


Q10. What alternative perspectives  to this situation?


Q11. Am I underestimating my coping abilities?







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