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Stress Management for Health Course

Cognitive Restructuring Worksheet 2

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Cognitive Restructuring Worksheet



1.        What is the evidence to support my view? Are my thoughts about this event accurate?






2.        What alternative views are there for this situation?






3.        What thinking errors am I possibly making?





1.     Am I thinking in black and white?


  1. Am I catastrophising?


3.     Am I personalizing?


4.     Am I focusing on the negative?


5.     Am I jumping to conclusions


6.     Am I living by fixed rules?(Shoulds, Musts, Oughts)


7.     Am I labelling


8.     Am I discounting the positive


9.     Am I mind reading


10. Am I fortune telling


11. Am I emotional reasoning


  1. Am I blaming


13. Am I personalising


  1. Am I magnifying


15. Am I Awfulising


16. Am I minimising



(Above 16 cognitive distortions from Cooper and Palmer Conquer Your Stress


4.      What thoughts am I having about the situation?






5.      What actions can I personally take to influence my situation?






6.      What negative self talk/automatic negative thoughts am I having about the event?






(Ref: Powell T. 1992)


7.      What is the worst thing that could happen in my life and measure this difficulty against that






8.      Is this event the worst possible thing that could happen to me?






9.      Is there any way this problem could be worse?






10.  Am I underestimating my ability to cope?






11.  What can I do to influence the situation?






12.  So what if it happens, will the world end?





13.  Am I making the event worse than it really is?






14.  Am I exaggerating a negative aspect of this situation?






15.  Is this event as bad as it seems to appear?






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