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Stress Management for Health Course

Positive/Negative Thinking

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Positive/Negative Thinking


Becoming a More Positive Thinker Some Tips


        Dont ignore the ordinary or good things that happen each day, as if they dont count for some reason.  Take account of the bad side, but dont dwell on it.


        Take your mind off your problems as much as you can they grow bigger the more you concentrate on them but shrink into proportion when you think about something else.


        Remember that when things go wrong its not always your fault other people or just the situation are just as likely to be to blame.


        Get into the habit of thinking a positive thought frequently throughout the day what a lovely blue sky, or thank goodness I dont need to go out in that rain your thoughts are up to you, but keep them coming! May sound silly, but it really works . . . .


        You probably find some thoughts often slip into your mind like, I cant cope, Im no good at this.  When this happens challenge these thoughts.  What evidence is there to support these thoughts and what about the evidence against them?  How would others view the situation? What would you say to a friend who felt that way?


        Grow to like yourself.  There will never by anyone else quite like you.


        Remember that many people, despite how they appear are often as unsure of themselves as you are.


        Dont take part in negative conversation.  Change the subject to something more positive.


        Encourage friendships with people with positive thinking habits.


        Dont carry the world around on your shoulders.  Give everybody else a share!


        Practise liking people.


Count your blessings old fashioned, but true!

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